Thursday, August 06, 2009

A panorama

In search of a strong cellphone network, I ventured today to the terraced top of my 10 storey building - a single flight of stairs from my apartment. I was struck by an increased activity of the brain - courtesy of happening upon a mass of mankind in a view.

A panoramic view of humanity I find far more inspiring and contemplation inducing view than any spectacle that nature in its infinite variety might conjure. Mountains and rivers do not hold in themselves the thought and torture of man.

Gazing onto a mass of humanity, you cannot but acknowledge the existence of millions such as yourself - each with his hopes and helplessness, anger and greed, sorrow and lust, broken hearts and indomitable ambition. Watching and acknowledge that the life you elevate to such importance - your own dreams and desires, sighs and sorrows, are not unique, is a liberating feeling. I think I meant humbling. Or rather - the view forces you to look at yourself and your mind differently. The realization that your lot in life is not in essence dissimilar to most others causes you to lose that sense of importance that you attach to yours.

And there's nothing like that occasional downward blow to the head to speed you on your way forward.